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Ute Hire: $149 for entire weekend
Truck Hire: $289 for entire weekend

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Outstanding Ute & Truck Rentals in Artarmon

Welcome to Artarmon Ute and Truck Rentals. We are proudly providing the best Rental service in Sydney for more than 10 years now. Within this period, we have successfully established our business in 13 locations, all throughout Sydney.

Our Fleet in Artarmon

National Ute and Truck Rentals Artarmon offers you a wide range of Fleet to choose from. We have 1 tonne tray Utes to 3 tonnes Trucks, pick the right one that is the most suitable for you. We have automatic Utes and Trucks that you can drive with your car license. To make your relocation pleasant, we ensure that our vehicles are always clean.

Utes are among the most favourite mode of transportations among the people nowadays. You can drive a Ute to transport:

  • Heavy materials
  • Remove garden waste
  • Shift furniture
  • Remove heavy rubbish materials

You can easily hire our 1 tonne tray Ute for the ideal tip run.

Our power steering, automatic 3 tonnes Truck is the perfect solution to move most of your load in one go. This heavy duty vehicle can be hired for few hours, the entire day, overnight or for weekends.

Packing Material
We provide the highest quality Packing Material for a smooth, safe and secured moving. Among the Materials, we have:

  • Sturdy boxes
  • Packing paper & Covers
  • Bubble wraps
  • Foam and bundling films

These materials will ensure the best security for all your objects.

How to Hire a Ute or Truck?

  • Step 1: Choose your location
  • Step 2: Choose your pickup time
  • Step 3: Choose your rate
  • Step 4: Choose your Vehicle (Ute or Truck)
  • Step 5: Specify if you need any trolleys, packing material or storage boxes

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Getting packing material for your hire

You can get packing material to go with your Ute or Truck hire to help you in you move. Simply view our products and contact National Storage

Buy boxes/Packing material

Moving Boxes

Removal Boxes, Trolleys and Packing materials are available for your next move. Hire our Utes or Trucks to transport your goods to a National Storage facility near you.

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Why Us?

  • National Ute and Truck Rentals Artarmon is located at 13 prime suburbs in Sydney.
  • Spacious and reliable, our vehicles are your best choice.
  • We have more than 10 years of experience in this field.
  • Our Utes and Trucks are automatic and can be driven with car license
  • We are affordable and aim to provide the best customer service in Sydney.
  • Our service is trouble-free and simple.

Helpful Moving Tips

At National Ute & Truck Rentals Artarmon, you can get Moving Tips and necessary information required for a smooth, trouble-free and secured move. Whether you are shifting to a new residence or shifting your office to a new place, we provide all kinds of tips on how to pack properly and unpack safely.

No Compromise on Safe Driving

You will find that all our vehicles are correctly inspected, papers updated and are fault-free. Just follow the rules and road laws and you will be unharmed.

Correct Way to Return a Vehicle

Once your task is over, drop the vehicle to our station located at your nearest suburb. Ensure the vehicle is returned on time and in the same condition as you have received it in.

Partnership with National Storage

We have partnered with National Storage- Sydney’s most famous and number 1 storage company. You can now easily deposit your valuables and belongings with your local National Storage. Hire our Ute or Truck and store your goods at our local storage facility, if required.

Removal Boxes
We have a range of packaging and Storage Boxes Buy boxes/Packing material
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