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About Us

Our Mission

  • To provide the opportunity of renting the cleanest and the best Utes & Trucks in Artarmon
  • To ensure a comfortable, efficient and reliable relocating
  • To strive for the best care and service for our customers

Our Vision

We want to set an example to the future of how relocating is made affordable, convenient and comfortable

We want to surpass expectations through our dedication to quality and provide clean Utes & Trucks in Artarmon

Our Company

Our company’s story dates more than 10 years back. We decided to start on a Ute and Truck Rental business. Why? To make relocating unchallenging for you.

You can say we ‘have been there, done that’. We know shifting from a place requires lots of effort and plenty of money, especially in Sydney.

Hiring a mover and fixing rate, depending on their timetable, ensure they finish shifting on time- it can put a lot of stress on yourself.

Let’s relax for a while: we are offering quality Utes and Trucks at affordable rates for renting. Our Utes and Trucks are the cleanest vehicles you will find in Artarmon. Well maintained, each vehicle is automatic, power steering and has air con. Power steering helps better control.

Our company is growing every day. We have now expanded to 12 location points across Sydney.

What Stands Out About Us?

  • Everything we provide stands out. Our Toyota Hilux Utes and Hino Trucks come with capacity of 1 tonne and 3 tonne respectively.
  • Our Utes come with open cages. These create maximum spacing for loading. You can position a fridge upright and place other items as well.
  • Our Trucks come with hydraulic lifters and tail lifters. These enables easy loading.
  • One tail lifter can load up to 500 kg.
  • Hire our Ute for a small unit relocation.
  • Hire our Truck for a small office or an average sized unit shifting.
  • Flexible timing- hire our Ute and Truck for 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, an entire day or for the weekend.
  • Minimum weekend hire time is for one day.
  • Rates depend on the hours you rent.
  • Receive our weekend special Package.
  • We can tailor a package for your benefit.
  • We have collaborated with National Storage- you can now purchase all kinds of Packing Materials from them.

Easy Renting Process

Our renting process is straightforward.

  • Come to our compound in Artarmon
  • Select the appropriate vehicle- Ute for small unit relocation and Truck for small office or an average sized unit
  • Inspect the vehicle before hiring
  • Payment is made using credit card (all payments are made at the beginning)
  • Drive your rented Ute or Truck

Driving Requirement

You are legal to drive. You carry a standard car license. You don’t take medications that may affect your driving.

These are the mandatory information we will check first. When you are driving a Ute or a Truck for the first time, ensure you are controlling the vehicle properly.