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Packing Material

Artarmon Ute and Truck Rentals is in partnership with National Storage. You can purchase or rent packing material and accessories from National Storage.


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Range of Boxes

  • Sliding Boxes
    The ideal cartons for all your fragile items.
  • Archive Cartons
    This carton will help you to organize and store away all your important, unimportant documents, papers, discs and magazines.
  • Port-a-Robe
    Appropriate to box in all your attires- from formal to casual.
  • Tea Chest Box
    This box is suitable for light and large objects.
  • Book Carton
    This carton is used to pack heavy yet small items.
  • Linen/ Flat Pack Box
  • Moving Carton
  • Wine Box with insert

Get the Perfect Packaging

Packaging is important as a lot of factors lie on this. You cannot box everything inside without wrapping the items properly. For this reason, we have a wide range of Packaging options available for you:

  • Poly Foam
  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Tissue Paper
  • Glass Socks
  • Bundling Film
  • Corrugated Card

What does National Storage do?

The National Storage’s job does not end in providing superior quality Boxes. If you have additional cartons, sell it back to them. Also, after you have completed moving and want to dispose the used Boxes, you can ask National Storage to buy them from you.

The Complete Covers Option

Covers are used to provide the essential coverings to items and furniture for that extra protection. The ranges of Covers we are offering are:

  • Moving Blanket
    The Moving Blanket is ideal for covering furniture and bulky objects.
  • Bed Cover
    At Artarmon Ute and Truck Rentals, you will get Bed Cover selections- Single bed, Double Bed, Queen and King sized bed.
  • Chair Cover
    Our Chair Cover is the perfect solution to wrap dining chairs and seaters/ sofas to prevent damage.
  • Vacuum Seal Bag
    Artarmon Ute and Truck Rentals will allow you to select the ideal Vacuum Seal Bag for the extra protection and to save more space.

We also Sell

We are experts in making your move smooth and hassle-free. We also sell the following items at reasonable prices for your benefit:

  • Locks for Storage Units
  • Knife
  • Fragile Tape
  • Economy Tape
  • Marker Pen
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Truck Ties

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