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Returning a Vehicle

At National Ute and Truck Rentals Artarmon, we have a large fleet of 1 Tonne Tray Utes and 3 Tonne Trucks. If you are moving from a small house of one bedroom, we will suggest you rent our Ute. However, if you are moving to a 3 to 4 bedroom house or a small office of one to two persons, hire our Truck. By now, you know the basic rules of renting our vehicles.

What to do after you have completed your move? Simply return the vehicle at any of our drop off points. Here are the terms and conditions, what to do and how to return a vehicle.

Locations we Service

We, at National Ute and Truck Rentals Artarmon, aims to provide the highest quality customer service to all our clients in Sydney. This is the reason why we have our locations at 13 points all across Sydney. You now have the privilege to pick from desired vehicle from the nearest centre to you.

Timely Vehicle Return

When you are Hiring a Ute or a Truck from us, please let us know for how long you will be renting the vehicle for. We have set price ranges accordingly. You have the freedom to hire for 2 hours, 3 hours, an entire day or overnight. If you are seeking for overnight rental, you have to hire the automobile between 4pm and 4.30pm. We will be expecting you to return it by 7am the next day. This is for the week days only. You can also take our vehicle for the weekend. We have Special Weekend Offer available. You have to return the vehicle timely as there will be other customers queuing to hire the vehicle you have chosen.

Renting Our Vehicles

We have a pre-paid method of payment. We do not accept cash. When you book our vehicle, you are instantly paying us. Unless you have any outstanding amount, you don’t have to worry about later payment. If you are paying for a toll, you have pay through your credit card.

Tolls & Breaking the Law

You have to pay if you are taking any toll road. Also, you have to ensure you are not breaching any road rules. You have to be careful of illegal parking or crossing on the red signal. If we receive any sort of violation notice or fees, we will direct the fees in your name.

Fuel the Vehicle Properly

When you are hiring our Ute or our Truck, make sure you know how much fuel is already in the vehicle. It is because, you will have to refuel it accordingly. If you don’t, then we will be charging you 50c per km including GST from your travel record. Another important factor is you should know what type of fuelling you will be filling our vehicle. Our Utes need petrol. Our Trucks need diesel. Make sure the correct fuel is filled in on the appropriate vehicle.

Payback Procedure

We do not have any payback policy. If you return the vehicle prior to the time you requested, we will not refund the additional money. Also, you are paying using a credit card, so there is no usage of cash at any time.

Returning Circumstances

At National Ute and Truck Rentals Artarmon, we will be expecting you to return the vehicle at the exact condition that you have received in. We maintain a healthy, clean vehicle, make sure our vehicles are damage-free and spick and span. Remember, after you, there are other clients who will be using this same automobile in the future.