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Safe Driving

Driving a vehicle requires responsibility. If you don’t practice Safe Driving but somehow you abide by the road rules, it does not mean you will be exempted from accidents. At National Ute and Truck Rentals Artarmon, we provide you with Safe Driving tips and information for a more reliable and a pleasant journey.

Know Your Vehicle Before Driving

It is important to familiarize yourself with the vehicle you are driving. If you are an expert sedan driver, this does not mean that you will be an expert Ute or a Truck driver. Driving a Ute or a Truck from Nat. Ute and Truck Rentals is straightforward. All our vehicle transmissions are automatic with power steering option. This enables better grip and control of the vehicle.

Every vehicle is different. A Ute is very different than a Truck or a sedan. It is advisable to know your new vehicle before you start driving it on the road.

Understand the Road Rules

Understanding and following road rules are two of the basic common things you should always do before driving any kind of automobile. You must obey the laws and respect other drivers.

Always Stay Alert

Casualties occur due to fatigue, speeding, drunken driving or if under the influence of drugs. When you are driving a Ute or a Truck, you must stay constantly alerted. Taking turns, going up hill or down the hill must be driven carefully. It is important to keep in mind that your household items, furniture or electronic devices are not the only things inside the vehicle. You are there, too!

If you are under a medicinal influence that you think may affect your driving, don’t drive. Also, with too much of packing and boxing, if you think you are tired, again, don’t drive. All these matters the most. You must be driving and moving when you have adequate energy.

Plan Your Journey

Moving cannot be compared to a day’s out journey. The entire moving requires in depth analysis, pre plans and perfect execution. How? Packing demands the most important items, objects and clothes. Throw away the unnecessary ones. Pre plan your time schedule and routes. If you are on leave from work and want to shift on weekdays, ensure you are well aware of the traffics on the routes you will be taking. This way you are more comfortable driving the new vehicle.

Be Safe While Driving in Bad Condition

Poor weather can make driving difficult for you. Remember, your vehicle, Ute or Truck, is loaded with lots of items, making it heavier. You must drive cautiously. Bad condition is not limited to wet weather only. Intense heat during day time or heavy fog during winter can also prove dangerous for driving. Choose the perfect time of the day to make the move.

How to Brake Tactfully

Implementing hard brake on a Ute or a Truck can lead to loss of control. You must be privy to how to brake correctly. When you are taking a turn or approaching a signal, ensure you slow down gradually before coming to a complete halt.

Inspect Your Surrounding

Before driving away, ensure the security latch is properly locked on the vehicle. Also, make sure no items are sticking out of the vehicle. Drive carefully out of your carport. When you are entering a new neighbourhood, inspect if children or elders are walking/ passing by. If you are driving on a busy road, make sure you keep up with the speed limit and not go over it. If you are uncomfortable with the limit, adjust your speed to your comfort.