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Ute Rental

Are you moving to a new house? Do you want to cut down on the additional expenses of engaging movers? You have the option to Hire premium quality Ute from Artarmon Ute and Truck Rentals.

We offer 1 Tonne Tray Ute. Our Utes have automatic transmission and are power steering, suitable to make your driving comfortable.

Hire Ute from Artarmon Ute and Truck Rentals.

Mon to Thu
Fri & Sun*
Sat *
2 hours $38.50 + fuel + 33c/km (over 50km) N/A N/A
3 hours $55.00+ fuel + 33c/km (over 50km) N/A N/A
4 Hours $55.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 75km) N/A N/A
Day $66.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km) $88.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km) $99.00 + fuel + 33c/km (over 100km)
*Minimum All Day Hire
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  • Seating Capacity:2
  • Engine:Petrol
  • Transmission:Automatic
  • Licence Required:Car or greater
  • Able to Carry:Fridges, Queen size beds, 2 seater couches
  • Tray/Cage Measurements:2.5L x 1.75W x 1.1H. (the cage is open top so you can stand items such as fridges upright)

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Check out our great deals on Utes for Hire and choose a suitable time and location for pick up. 

Importance of a Ute

A Ute can come in handy when you are moving from and to a small house/ unit/ office. It is your ideal tip run. You can easily fit a lot of items, objects and light, big furniture in a 1 tonne tray Ute.

Because you can easily fit in a lot of items at one go, it helps you to save a lot of time and energy. Less travel means saving time, which also means saving money.

Items you can easily fit in a 1 tonne tray Ute are-,

  • Big, light furniture
  • Remove garden wastes
  • Small, heavy furniture
  • Remove general materials

Rent A Ute

Why is a Ute important for moving? It is because in a 1 Tonne Ute, you can easily fit in a lot of items at once. This will not only make shifting easier, it will also save travel time and fuel money. There are some items that can comfortably fit in. You can also use Ute for various purposes, such as-

  • Shift small but heavy furniture
  • Collect household waste
  • Dispose garden waste
  • Transport heavy equipment
  • Also to replace automobiles
  • And to relocate

Hiring a Ute is much affordable than buying a Ute. Think twice before you decide to buy one. Spending an ample of money on purchasing one Ute and  if it does not suit your needs, it will be a big waste. Whereas, hiring a Ute at a reasonable price is much better. We, at National Ute and Truck Rentals, are offering you reasonably priced Utes.

Utes at Affordable rates

At National Ute and Truck Rentals, we are offering you with automated and power steering 1 Tonne Tray Utes for your convenience.
If you have not driven a Ute before, you can always opt for a test drive from our centres. We are situated in 13 locations all across Sydney. You can pick the centre nearest to you.

You can drive a Ute with your standard car license. Managing and controlling a Ute is similar to driving your sedan. Power steering will enable better control. All you have to do is to be aware of the uphills and downhills, of the turning points and the regular road rules. You can also take a look at our Safe Driving instructions.

All our vehicles are kept clean. We do regular maintenance. All the parts of our Utes are functional. Once you hire our 1 Tonne Tray Ute, we will expect you to return it back to us in the same condition as you will receive.
A Ute is ideal if you are shifting from a 1 bedroom house or a small independent office where you or your partner are the sole staff.


Why Hiring a Ute is Beneficial?

A Ute can save you from travelling distances. Saving on travelling means you are also economizing on the fuel cost. You can move your items faster than expected.

Driving a vehicle and shifting instead of hiring a mover is also cost effective. You have the freedom to move any time you want to and at any day. You can hire our Ute for a specific amount of time or for the whole day. We are reasonably priced. We also offer Special Weekend Offers that you will love to check out.

Our Utes are user-friendly. The rear can be easily opened and utilised. The open rear also ensures the maximum fit. You can comfortably load your furniture/ items. The lock will secure your items to be intact inside.